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We are proud to have recently become a member of an FSC® Certified Group Scheme. The Forest Stewardship Council is the most recognised forest certification system in the world. There are many benefits of FSC certification, including fair conditions for workers, respect for native communities and strict rules on the environment.

Here at Zest, we have always cared for the environment and we don’t just think green, we act green in everything we do. We embrace sustainable operations and selected energy efficient technologies.

We encourage our staff to support our green practices by using environmentally friendly products, reducing waste and recycling when possible. Being a member of an FSC® Certified Group Scheme shows that we comply with the highest social and environmental standards.

Not only are we a member of an FSC® Certified Group Scheme, we have also achieved both ISO 14001 and ISO 19001. ISO 14001 relates to environmental management within a company and helps minimise operations negative effect on the environment. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our performance and ISO 19001 relates to the quality management within our business.

As a ‘green’ business, we strive to have a positive impact on the environment and the community and we like to do our part to reduce the amount of waste we create.

If you are on the hunt for eco-friendly printing, look no further – as an environmentally friendly business, Zest can offer you just that!

Don’t Just Think Green. Act Green.

Julie Banks

I’m the business strategy person. I’ve worked in print for
almost 20 years so I know it inside out. For me, people
are the best thing about Zest, both my team and our
customers. I get a real buzz from helping customers to do
what they do even better.

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