Where it all began for printing company Zest

For the first edition of our newly revamped Zest newsletter, we decided to go back to the beginning of our printing company. Our printing company began 36 years ago in September 1981 and it’s safe to say we have come a long way since then. It was a different time in 1981 for music, fashion […]

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Training manual printing for training company Bywater

We were recently contacted by the training and consultancy service provider Bywater PSCM. They asked for general information about our experience of printing for training companies. At Zest, we have vast experience in training manual printing that is of high quality while still at competitive prices. Besides the experience, we’ve also got the tools and […]

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Which typeface to use?

We have recently been chatting to a few clients about what typeface to use for their documents. The effect of the typefaces used and the effect they create will frame the way your brand communicates visually.  For some it can be a difficult decision as there are so many different typefaces to choose from.  As […]

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Let us help you manage your time!

By outsourcing your printing to commercial printers, you could see savings occur across a range of areas. Costs for maintenance and operations disappear instantaneously, as does the need to keep up with ever-changing technological advancement. Outsourcing educational printing, training manuals, personalised printing and short run booklet printing to Zest can help your business get back […]

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New print engines powering Zest

Over two days, one either side of the Christmas and the New Year break, we upped our print production capacity when we took delivery of two shiny new Canon print engines! Though not the perfect time of year to do it weather-wise, the removal of the door and doorframe in near Arctic conditions highlighted the […]

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Zest is showing off its green side!

We have some great news! We are proud to have recently become a member of an FSC® Certified Group Scheme. The Forest Stewardship Council is the most recognised forest certification system in the world. There are many benefits of FSC certification, including fair conditions for workers, respect for native communities and strict rules on the […]

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