When Michael Clark, a retired Royal Naval Commander, started thinking about self-publishing he came into Zest with a manuscript (on a digital stick) and a stack of photos. He had written his autobiography.

Although he never saw front-line service in a war environment, he had many interesting adventures in the Royal Navy. However, the book is a full autobiography covering not only the 35 years he spent in the service but also his childhood and post-naval life. He says he wrote it simply “for the record” and for any members of his family or close circle of friends who might have some interest in it. So the print run was a small one.

Usually when someone is self-publishing they already have the layout and everything is ready to print so that it is just a matter of loading the prepared document into the print management system.  However, in this case Zest was very pleased to be able to take the manuscripts and photos and create the layout.  Zest scanned, positioned and titled the photos and created the cover.  After drafts were reviewed and agreed, the finished product was a beautifully bound A4 180 page book with a laminated front cover.

Michael gives all credit to Zest for taking his content, organising it and producing a quality result which he is very pleased with.  He has also told us that his wife has read the finished result and that she found it quite moving in parts.

Zest are very pleased to have helped bring this lovely self-publishing project to final fruition.  Although Michael told us that he was not planning to become a serious author, in proof reading the finished book we couldn’t help read a few of the stories along the way and we thought he has potential!

If you think you might be interested in reading a copy of this book get in touch with Michael direct by completing this form….

Do you need help with self-publishing?  Not sure how to get a quality final result?  Zest can help with printing your story or autobiography or indeed any booklet in perfect bound booklet format, saddle stitched booklet format or wire bound booklet format.  Get in touch through our contact page.

Self-publishing Naval Book

Self-publihsing book with photos placed by Zest

Self-Publishing Perfect bound booklet

A perfect bound booklet by self publihser Michael Clarke



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