Some people claim print is dying; however, there are some indicators that this is not happening as fast as many would suggest. We constantly monitor how trust in advertising is changing and in particular how trust in the UK market is changing in the light of fake websites, fake reviews on many sites etc.  We can’t find any publicly available surveys in the UK that monitor advertising medium trust, however, we recently came across a US article that suggests that internet users still trust printed advertisement more than any other medium.  It was comforting to find out that consumers still value print, at least when it comes to one crucial metric.

According to the October 2016 survey by MarketingSherpa, 82 percent of U.S. internet users trust print ads when making a purchase decision, more than any other medium. The highest ranking online format, search ads, clocks in at 61 percent, while only 25 percent of Americans trust pop-ups.  An interesting indicator for those spending a lot of paid adverts.

We think it would be interesting to see how UK users rank their trust in 13 mediums that were included in the US survey.  Perhaps you might like to express your trust preference in our survey below  – you can drag the bars to reflect your preferences (NOTE: if you are on a mobile phone use the left side of the screen to drag the survey up and down and use the middle of the screen to drag your preferences).

Advertisement Media Trust Rank

    • Print Ads (newspaper, magazines)
    • TV Ads
    • Ads/Catalogues I receive in the mail
    • Radio ads
    • Ads in outdoor and public places(like billboards, transit ads,posters,etc)
    • Search engine ads(Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)
    • Video ads that appear prior to digital video
    • Sponsored post on blogs that I read
    • Ads embedded on social media(Facebook, Instagram,etc)
    • Online banner ads
    • Mobile phone ads
    • Ads in podcasts
    • Digital pop-ups

We will publish the results of trust survey once we have sufficient responses.  Thank you for taking part in what will be an interesting survey for many of our customers and business partners.

Julie Banks

I’m the business strategy person. I’ve worked in print for
almost 20 years so I know it inside out. For me, people
are the best thing about Zest, both my team and our
customers. I get a real buzz from helping customers to do
what they do even better.

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